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Cisco Finesse Integration for Jira plugin allows you automatically search Insight objects in the View Call page. This feature requires installing Insight in your Jira instance.


Before you start

Insight helps organisations with Enterprise Asset Management. All organisations have resources and assets that are a part of their daily business routines. One can label them as "Business Assets".  This plugin have to be installed in your Jira instance.

Insight Query Language(IQL) is used for search objects. IQL is similar to JQL, but after search request you get Insight Objects.

Key features

  • Searching caller by insight search request. If your organization has HR object schema in the Insight plugin, you can find your caller by phone number and display additional fields in Call View page.

  • Displaying reporter's assets. Depending on your Insight Object schemes, you can display the user's assets or other objects that are related to the caller.

Searching caller by insight search request

For searching customers by phone number or other insight attribute you should open IQL requests page and create new IQL request with placeholder.

n this example, the user will be searched by a phone attribute which comes from URI parameters. 

When the operator accepts the call, Finesse will open a new browser tab with the address <jira-base-url>/secure/CallViewAction.jspa?phone=1234

Parameter phone will be automatically inserted to IQL request. It means that our insight request is Phone="1234". All objects with this attribute value will be displayed on a Call View Page. 

User attribute is Insight attribute Id with Jira user type. This attribute is used for identifying Jira user in Insight object.

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If user is found by IQL request and user attribute, it is displayed on the top of Call View Page. 

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