Microsoft 365

A centralized view of Microsoft 365 license usage to help you manage incremental license purchases and compliance across your organization. You can view your available service plans, including the individual licenses, check pending expiration dates, and view the number of available assignments.

Setup requires permission to access organization global resources in your Microsoft account.

In the top right corner of the view, click the Login button:

Click the “Login” button to get started.


After that, you will be redirected to the Microsoft authorization page, where you select your organization's account to synchronize Microsoft 365 service plan data with the “License Manager“ plugin view:

Sign in to your corporate Microsoft account

After a successful connection, you will have access to the entire list of Microsoft Service Plans used in your organization. In this list are not only full product license IDs but also the included service plans (sublicenses).

Service Plan Name

Information about the service plans.

Applies to

For example, "User" or "Company".

Service Plan ID

The unique identifier for the subscribed sku object.

Consumed Units

The number of licenses that have been assigned.

Prepared Units

The number of units that are suspended because the subscription of the service SKU has been canceled. The units cannot be assigned but can still be reactivated before they are deleted.

The number of units that are in warning status. When the subscription of the service SKU has expired, the customer has a grace period to renew their subscription before it is cancelled (moved to a suspended state).

The number of units that are enabled for the active subscription of the service SKU.

Capability Status

Possible values are: Enabled, Warning, Suspended, Deleted, LockedOut. The capabilityStatus is Enabled if the prepaidUnits property has at least 1 unit that is enabled, and LockedOut if the customer cancelled their subscription.