SSL certificates

SSL certificate monitoring checks the validity of your SSL/TLS certificates and sends receiving alerts in case of invalid or expiring certificates.

List of SSL certificates in tracking
Adding an SSL Certificate


To quickly add a large number of SSL certificates at once, as well as conveniently manage a list of all your SSL certificates in CSV format, use the Import/Export function.

Share "SSL certificates"

You can share SSL certificates added to the License Manager plugin with anyone in Jira on your instance. You can grant access either to an individual user in Jira or at a user group level, such as Jira Administrators.

Near the SSL certificate entry in the "Actions" menu, select "Permissions":

In the modal window that opens, select users or groups who will be granted access:

When you share an SSL certificate with another user or group of users, those users automatically become the owner of that SSL certificate record and have full rights.