Data Protection
The "License Manager" does not collect any personal data. All data is stored in entity properties in your Jira Cloud instance.

The "Connections" menu contains a list of available integrations and connections.

Each individual user of Jira has the ability to monitor their domains, SSL certificates and software licenses, regardless of the administrator and other users. However, please note that notification settings are common to all users.

Available connections list for the Jira administrator.


  • Atlassian
    Centralized license visibility to verify the actual license consumption in all Atlassian products in your environment to plan payments.

  • Microsoft 365
    A centralized view of Microsoft 365 license usage to help you manage incremental license purchases and compliance across your organization.

  • Custom Licenses
    Manually adding and tracking third-party software procured for end users of any type (BOX, OEM, ESD), including subscriptions to SaaS apps.

  • Domains
    Domains status monitoring, including the expiration date to notify you when your domain is expiring and prevent domain hijacking.

  • SSL certificates
    SSL certificate monitoring checks the validity of your SSL/TLS certificates and sends an alert when they expire to avoid downtime due to certificate issues.