Setting up Cisco Finesse

For creating integration between Jira and Cisco Finesse you must configure Workflow Actions for Finesse agents.

Workflow Actions

To do this, go to the Finesse admin panel on the Workflows tab. In the Manage Workflow Actions section, create a new Action as presented in the screenshot below:





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Finesse Desktop

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callVariable1 and callVariable2 are configured by the Finesse administrator. The administrator himself sets these variables and the way they should be filled out during the call. The parameters can be under any name.
The parameter that fills in the applicant for the application - the reporter must match the username of  the applicant, if there is one in Jira.
If other parameters are also sent from Finesse, then on the task creation screen in Jira, only those parameters will be pre-filled, the names of which correspond to the names of the user fields.


Go on to the Manage Workflow section. We need to create a new Workflow which we will put in accordance with the newly created Workflow Action.

In the How to perform actions field, select the most appropriate option. In the screenshot above, the variant When Call Arrives means that when the operator accepts a call, then a certain action from the List of Actions will be performed. Other options are possible (when the operator has not yet picked up the phone, but the call is assigned to it).

Team Resources

On the Team Resources tab, we must match the user group with the corresponding Workflow. To do it, we should select a group and add the created Workflow to the group in the appeared section at the bottom of the page.