Alert Catcher - 2.0.1

In version 2.0.1 we focused on a alert processing, rule scope and plugin post-functions.


Rule scope

Before version 2.0.1 only alerts created by Alert Catcher can cause a problem (you can read more about this on Actions page). This release allows you to add your issue to rule scope.

To add your issue to rule scope you should:

  • Set value in a [Alert Catcher] Connection field of your issue

Issue screen with a mutable connection field


  • Append a Add/update rule scope to your post-functions list.


Your changes in a rule scope will processed after changing the [Alert Catcher] Connection field and after the Add/update rule scope post-function executes.

You can read more about rule scope on this pages:

Connection custom field

As a mentioned in section above, you can change values in a [Alert Catcher] Connection field. Now this field is mutable. So this means that you can create incidents manually and these incidents should be processed by Alert Catcher. (Read more about ).


  • We fixed problem with updating incident by alert id