In Alert Catcher, actions are needed to manage the creation of problems based on incidents coming from third party systems.

When acritical time or number of incidents is reached, another issue (in Alert Catcher such tasks are called problems) will be created that is associated with existing incidents.

Create action for rule

To create an action for a rule, go to the list of your connection rules. On the rule line click on theEditlink.

You can specify all parameters to create the problem:

  • Maximum number of incidents- critical number of incidents.
  • Maximum time- critical time (in minutes)
    When the critical number of created unresolved incidents with the selected rule for the specified period is reached, a new task will be created, to which all incidents with this rule will be linked.
  • Issue type  for problems - issue type for a mass incident
  • Default assignee for problems
  • Issue link - link type for incidents and problems.

Example of problem creation

Our system received 7 events with the ruleLack of free swap spacein connectionZabbix.

In the Action settings, we have specified that a problem will be created when critical indicators are reached.

Indeed, since we have created more than 5 incidents in a shorter period of time than 10 minutes, there was a problem.

By using post-functions, you can set up the workflow so that when your problems are closed, all related incidents close automatically.