Connection types

To work with connections from third-party systems in Alert Catcher version 2.0 has the ability to specify the target system from which alerts are received. The functionality to work with these new features can be found in the Connection type section.

To connect a third-party system, enter the address, credentials, and type of system you want to synchronize with in the Connection type section.

Import of rules

When you have established a connection with a third-party system, you can synchronize the signs for which alerts are created. In the example below, the triggers are imported from Zabbix and used as rules.

Closing alerts from third party systems

If you want to close an incident from a third-party system from a task page in Jira, you can add a post-function to move to a specific status.



If you have correctly configured the Connection type Zabbix, the event ID was transferred correctly, you can approve the event from Jira to Zabbix. After performing the post-function, the value of the Acknowledged field will change to Yes.